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Welcome to The Apartments

"The Apartments" is an active Rick and Morty 18+ RPG group that takes place on Skype, consisting of talented writers and artists. (WARNING: includes c137cest, Rick/Morty content). The setting takes place on the Citadel in a complex where apartments have to be shared in order for the characters to afford rent. They are all there for different reasons and just trying to survive.

What we offer ...

  • A structured primary roleplay that aims to keep all characters involved in one way or another.
  • Active friendly Staff Members. Normally you'll be able to find one of us during the day.
  • Member input for new in-character developments.
  • Active chatroom (referred to as the "LOBBY") where all members can interact with each other out-of-character.
  • Special events where characters will be able to RP in new settings with each other depending on that particular event’s theme.
  • There's no kink shaming here! This is a no limits RP, granted all RPers involved have consented.

Interested? Please be sure to read our rules beforeforehand. To ensure you have the ability to post and navigate various roleplaying situations you will need to provide a sample post. Those interested in joining need to send that sample post to either ohgeezmortiestmortyohgeez on tumblr or gothmorty. Applicants who are interested but have room for improvement will be approved provided they are willing to be coached by one of our friendly Moderators.

Latest activity


  • RPG takes place just after President Morty's election in Season 3.
  • made up characters and any characters thought to be living on the Citadel are free game.
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